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Hallaow my all friends ,thank you has follow my blog, today i wiil share you tech about bags Mixer the

Bags material mixer machine serves to stir wood sawdust with other materials such as bran, lime, and so on. In simple terms, the working principle of the bags mixer is to stir the sawdust using a plate system in the form of a screw with a shaft as a support for the screw plate. The round source used is an electric motor with 1HP power.

The following are specifications of meain mixer baglog mushroom ingredients:

   -length 170 cm
  -112 cm wide,
  -150 cm high
Wood powder capacity: 175 kg
Max shaft rotation: 75 rpm
Electric motor power: 1HP

The following are some of the tools and materials needed in making mixer machines:

a) The tools used in making this baglog mixer machine are:
elbow bar,
welding machine,
and drilling machine.

b) Materials – materials used in the manufacture of baglog mixer machine tools include:
drum plate,
elbow iron,
and pillow block.

Note: in making this tool that is designed tools, making, testing tools, and analyzing the results data. Furthermore, the instrument performance variables observed are design conformity with the results of the tools that have been made and the resulting round stability parameters (including the rotation of the electric motor, reducer, and shaft rotation).

Design of bags mixer machine tools



1. 1 inch shaft as the successor to the round and
screw plate support.

2. Screw plate with a thickness of 2 mm and thread diameter

3. Pillow blocks or bearings as bearings axis.

4. Coupling a round transmission gearbox.

5. The reducer functions to reduce rotation.

6. Electric motor.

7. Framework using 4×4 cm elbo

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