Hellow friend, besides being cooked, cooked or sauteed, fresh mushrooms can also be made as preparations that can become a culinary business. In Indonesia, there are many processed foods from basic ingredients of mushrooms: as the name suggests fried mushrooms Nuget, crispy or fryed mushrooms, mushroom Rendang, and others. Well if you are from another country, you can make this food. Waaw you can sell it and get a lot of money.

Okay … this time I will share with you the recipe for how to make Mushroom Nuget (Indonesian food)


1 kg of oyster mushrooms have been washed. Or you can also use button mushrooms, shitake mushrooms and merang mushrooms

100 grams of chicken meat has been ground

200 grams of cornstarch

200 grams of flour

4 chicken eggs

7 shallots have been mashed

5 grains of garlic have been mashed

2 teaspoons of powdered pepper

2 teaspoons of flavoring
Salt to taste

How to make:

First. Boil the oyster mushrooms in boiling water for 10 to 25 minutes, then lift and then drain. Squeeze until the water in the oyster mushrooms comes out all.

Second. Mix the coarse grains of oyster mushrooms, cornstarch, chicken meat, flour, and a mixture of red, white and egg onions and stir until the mixture is evenly distributed.

Next. Add herbs such as flavoring, salt and pepper while stirring until blended.

Then. Pour the nugget mixture into a pan that has been smeared with oil or butter and steam for 10 to 15 minutes.

After that. Once cooked and the nugget is cold, then remove it from the pan and slice according to taste, for better results put it in the refrigerator for 1 day or 1 night.

The Last. Before the nugget is fried, put the nugget first into the egg mixture and roll it into the panir flour until the pieces are closed tightly and fry. so that it tastes better to eat with spicy cocol or chili sauce

Thank you if you are interested in Indonesian food, I will share recipes for other foods like Mushroom Rendang.
Let’s trying and good luck.
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