Besides being able to get a lot of money, it turns out that mushrooms also have many benefits for growing. but you also have to know which of the companies are suitable for consumption
The cultivation of straw mushrooms in the country is now proven to have begun to develop. So make you not too difficult to find this type of fungal flora. Fungi have the scientific name Volvariella volvacea, classified as a food fungus that is not small and is cultivated in eastern Asia and southeast Asia.  

That is because the mushroom itself usually grows in tropical and subtropical climates. Actually, there are still not a few types of mushrooms consumed by not a few people such as oyster mushrooms, shitake mushrooms, mushrooms and others.

And generally people like to eat merang mushrooms, because this mushroom is a fairly tasty food as a substitute for meat. With a fairly cheap price, making vegetarians interested in consuming the mushroom flora. And you need to know, that it is not only a food ingredient, in fact, mushroom has an interesting use for the health of the body.

Because behind the delicacy, merang mushrooms also have very good nutritional content as a medicine for several types of diseases. Of 100 grams of mushroom has a protein content of 5.94%, 0.59% carbohydrate, 0.17% fat, 1.14% ash, 1.56% fiber, 1.9 mg metal, 17 mg phosphorus, vitamin B-1 0.15 mg, Vitamin B-2 0.75 mg, Vitamin C 12.40 mg,

Additional minerals namely folic acid, copper and potassium. And here are 5 benefits that attract straw mushrooms for body health:

1. Prevent the growth of cancer cells One of the properties of straw mushrooms is to prevent the growth of cancer cells in the body, especially in breast cancer and prostate cancer. Because beta-glucan content and conjugated linoleic acid have carcinogenic effects. As well as you need to know that the content of the hormone estrogen in the body that is too high will be able to trigger the risk of developing breast cancer.  Therefore, linoleic acid in mushroom can help reduce the effects of the hormone estrogen. As well as beta-glucans in the mushroom will inhibit the growth of prostate cancer cells.

2. Prevent heart disease The implications of rising cholesterol in the blood, can trigger heart disease. Therefore, merang mushrooms play an active role in fighting bad fats that affect the rise of cholesterol in the blood. And it’s good if you don’t often consume mushroom for your heart health.

3. Overcoming free radicals Did you know, that mushroom can also deal with free radicals in the body. Because on merang mushrooms containing selenium, they use the same as flavonoids which are known to prevent free radicals in the body. Free radicals in the body are like a kind of pollution smoke, alcohol, foods that have bad fats, and electromagnetic radiation that can cause serious illness in your body.

4. Good for diabetics Merang mushrooms are also good for consumption by diabetes. Because mushrooms contain natural insulin which is good for diabetics. So merang mushrooms are useful for the benefits of the pancreas, liver and other endocrinal glands, and can increase the formation of insulin with a suitable amount.Nir only that, merang mushrooms are also low in fat and carbohydrates.

5. Strengthens bones The mushroom has a high calcium content. Nir is just that, Fungi merang also has a high Vitamin D content. So these factors prove to be very good for growth and strengthen bones in your body

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