In Fact, that cultivating oyster mushrooms brings huge results, but not a few also experience crop failure because of the method & amp; the factor of cultivating fungi is not good or in other words there is a technical error in cultivation.

Skiil and Experience alone is not enough to avoid mistakes in cultivation. One of the keys to success in cultivating oyster mushrooms is none other than thoroughness, sterilization, and thorough accuracy. Therefore for beginners and those who have experienced it would be nice if you pay attention to the factors that cause the error of oyster mushroom cultivation include the following:

1. Unstable equipment
If you are a natural scientist you will not deny that oyster mushrooms are susceptible to contamination which is usually caused by microbes and fungi. Therefore sterilization is one of the keys to success in cultivating oyster mushrooms to avoid bacterial and viral disorders.

2. Unsterile Bags
An important step in cultivating oyster mushrooms is to sterilize baglog by heating or cooking. This important stage is often overlooked by farmers because the process which takes a lot of money is not too small and a fairly long time.

However, if this stage is not taken seriously, it causes a fatal error, where the oyster mushroom will experience disease and damage

3. Non-quality Ingredients
To avoid mistakes or damage to cultivating oyster mushrooms you must be smart in choosing the ingredients to be used as planting media, straw sawdust and blessing as planting media must be new because the new material has better quality than the old ones.

4. Mushroom house too wet and muddy
As I have discussed above that carefulness and thoroughness and sterilization must be taken seriously, the article is indeed true if oyster mushrooms need a cool and humid environment, but if the fungus is muddy or flooded with water triggered by excess in watering it is also a fatal mistake this can lead to other types of fungi that can attack oyster mushrooms.

5. Fruiting time and method are not right
Harvesting oyster mushrooms is also a cultivation stage, therefore you should be careful in harvesting so that the seeds of a new generation of oyster mushrooms have no constraints on their growth. The mistake of harvesting usually leaves the remaining root of the plant to rot in the media, thus inhibiting the growth of the next generation.

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