In this world there are many types of mushrooms that are suitable for consumption such as button mushrooms, shiitake, ear mushrooms, titam mushroom mushrooms and many more. Mushrooms are worthy of eating, indeed there are so many benefits whether it’s body health or medical or body intake needs. But not only for mushrooms, but also for all types of food which need correct handling for processing. Respond to our discussion about mushrooms, quoted from a site ‘ tells a man in Germany experienced a toxic reaction after visiting Asian food fastival. The shiitake mushroom he consumed made his body bruised like a former whipped or beaten by someone

According to doctors, this 50-year-old man was diagnosed with shiitake flagellate dermatitis. This condition usually occurs because of eating shiitake mushrooms in raw conditions.

Shiitake mushrooms are widely used in Asian foods, are known to have a variety of health benefits. But consuming it in raw conditions is known to trigger toxic reactions.Quoted from Livestrong, lentinan triggers blood vessel dilatation or dilation with little inflammation under the skin. This reaction triggers bruised strokes like the former whipped.

The bruises usually appear within a few days after eating shiitake, and will disappear on their own after 10-20 days. This reaction is said to not trigger long-term damage.

The reaction is similar to allergies, but does not involve the immune system or immune system. The scientists say, this reaction is triggered by a molecule of lentinan contained in shiitake mushrooms. Another case is that someone feels nausea and even vomiting when eating oyster mushrooms which boil for a while and mix them into the noodles. This triggers various reactions that cause other allergic symptoms. Fungal allergies can cause coughing, itchy eyes and cause other symptoms that make you feel disturbed.

In some people, fungal allergies can trigger asthma and exposure causes limited breathing and other respiratory disorders.

Symptoms of fungal allergies cause the same signs and symptoms as upper respiratory allergic disorders. Symptoms of mold allergy can include:
-Runny or stuffy nose Cough and
-postnasal,eyes drip
-itchy nose and throat
-Watery eyes

Allergy Factors Because of descent
Or body condition
Symptoms of fungal allergy vary and can be mild to severe. Symptoms can be permanent or only develop at a certain time. Want to depend on your body condition and your life history. If you like eating mushrooms and there are no symptoms of allergies maybe when you are indoors or outdoors which is filled with mold.

Fungal allergies due to improper processing.
Even though mushrooms are worth eating, they are certainly not toxic, but if the cooking technique is lacking, it will still cause problems or even illness. Examples of eating raw coconut raw is very unhygienic and cooking mushrooms is not cooked will cause stomach pain and others.

You must carefully consider how to process, the selection of the right mushrooms to eat. So that your body becomes healthier, hopefully useful.

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