Hallow, my name is mailk. I come from indonesia and iam a mushroom farners from 2015 until now. I have mich world fried at my account facebook. They come from other country as like as :china,india,thailand,america and other. Ussually we comunicate share about mushroom thecnology. I know that langguage is the fisrt problem to begin the comunication. Now i try to writing with english language share about : how to cultivate mushroom the easier way and the raw materials for substrate.

1. Formula or Ratio: the ratio of ur mixture to making the bags is :
For the oyster mushroom,
100% sawdust (100 Kg)
20% ricebran (20 kg)
2% lime (2 kg). This formula i do from 2015 until now. withought using sugar and othèr.

With this ratio or formula i don’nt get the problem. Okey a litle trik or mu screet for you all.
If ur bags not be failed you can see that:
1. Usimg the softer sawdust: u can using all kinds of sawdust excepect coconut tree.
2. Keep the bags not too clean and not too dry.
3. Sterilization bags should be perfect and mature. Minimum 9 hours sterilization with temperature 100 “C

Mey be only this is inform about ratio or formula how to make the bags simple and better.

If u wanna get many information about mushroom technology please coment above

Thank u for all.

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