Hallow My world friend’s,thank you so much for reading my post always. We will trying to give best information about mushroom technology.
Before i has report about how-to-cultivate -mushroom-the-easier-way-and-the-raw-materials and now i will share about How To Care Fir And grow mushroom to get better yield.

in my country (Indonesia) the are Thousand mushroom farmers be sucses in their live.
In here, more populer oyster mushroom. Becouse most poeple like to eat the oyster mushroom Compared to other mushrooms. Do you know oyster mushroom? Or are the farmers. In this modern living, you can grow the mushroom indoor or in the garden. Which one, indoor space large 12 meter capable of 2000 bags capacity.
I see, from 2000 bags produce 1,2 ton until 1,5 Ton oyster musroom for 4 month. What about you?

types of mushrooms that are easiest to grow at home are oyster, white button, and Shiitake, The method for growing each mushroom is similar, but the ideal growing substrate differs.

Populer Oyster mushrooms grow in straw but grow best on sawdust.nutritional in stawdust needs of each species. Make sure that if you use sawdust it is from untreated wood. However just with stawdust is not enough for mushroom nutrition needs ricebran, sugar and other.

Okey next to the point:
If you has growed the mushroom well you need some tools how to care fir mushroom have better yield. Or ” How to increase mushroom yields”

1 You must to adjust the temperature of the room, it is always moist and cool. Max 27’C

2. Keep the room’s clean in order do not pests attack .the first is bags.

3. Clean the bags surface after picking the mushroom.

4. This my Recommendation: give Liquid nutrients that can increase yieid. I always use the herbal nutrients as like as Rice washing water. Usually I wash rice before cooking and then thia water i spray to bags.
You can do it . Follow this step.
>> washi10 kg rice with use 10 litera water.
>> and then sprayed the washing rice water to bags.
Note: the washing rice water have good Glucose.
Do that 1 times for the day and you will feel better.

Ok thank’s for all. Any timer i will share vidio about my mushroom technology.

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Good bless You

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