Planting Spawn or F2 or second generation
Hallow my all friends thank you has follwed me. I always trying to give infom you about mushroom technology. Today in my post share about technology how to culture oyster mushroom. Most people ignore how easy growing oyster mushrooms can be. Best way to start is from mushroom mycelium spawn, that you simply place in bags filled with sterilized substrate (e.g. wood chips, straw). After one or two months, the bag becomes entirely white and you can harvest delicious mushroom caps that start to grow. This post explain this simple method to produce mushrooms from mycelium spawn there are three levels of spawn that you must know before inoculating into bags or subtrate. Following posts will cover more advanced technique to produce this mycelium spawn from spores.  Before Inoculation consist in placing spawn in sterile substrate that will be colonized. You need the second generation spawn or F2  or planting spawn. The simple way may be you can buy this spawn.Okey i will try share how to make / growing Planting Spawn (f2) or second generation.

Step 1: Basic equipment
1. Corn
2. Bottle
3. Presto pan
4. Alcohol
5. Cotton
6. Rubber
7. spatula spoon
9 Candle for fire
8. Mother spawn (f1)

Step 2: Proces
1. boiled corn for 40 minutes. so that corn does not get too soft and not too hard. After it feels right then lift and drain the boiled corm for 20 minutes.

2. Washing bottle and claening. And the input the corm and closed botle by plastic using /bond with rubber so that water doesn’t enter during sterization.

3. Steam or sterization botle using presto pan or auto autoclev for 6 hours since 100 degress C.

4. Affter sterization about 6 -7 hours take in cooling about 6 hours

5. Inokulation using by mother Spwn into botle. Use alcohol to sterilize hands and other equipment.  spatula spoon using to take spawn from botle. cotton  and rubber for close the botle. Next use the candle for fire/sterizatiom.

Note: Inoculatiom the planting spawn (F2) same with how tow mother spawn (f1) inoculation. The All inoculation method same with grow to bags/substrate  using wood chips or straw.

The mychel Growing level’s
1. PDA (F0)
2. Mother Spawn (f1)
3. Planting Spawn / second generation (F2)

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