Hallow my friends wellcome back to my blog. If you are a mushroom farmer you will know  of mushroom cultivation, about “inoculation” involves introducing a mushroom spawn to a planting area, such as  bags are an inexpensive option to house and growing your mushroom spawn. However, it’s  acceptable to simply trick. but before you do the inoculation, so that the good result, of course there are many steps you need to do. like preparing a spawn. you need ready planting spawn (f2) put in to bags my last post about /how-to-grown-planting-spawn-generation-spawn-f2-mushroom-tech/. planting spawn or second generation or f2 is  spore spawn will culture with bags (bags from straw dust or wood chips).
What should you doimg to inoculation the bags the eaay method :

1. Prepare Bags:
The first step is to prepare the bags are ready sterilization or steaming. And inoculation rooms must be clean and sterilize.

2. You should have planting spawn or second generatin (f2) for culture into bags. If can’nt making this spwn you can buy inyhe other farmers in your city.

3 Prepare material
for work equipment during inoculation take:
– Bags
– Planting spawn
– Candle for Fire
– Bags Ring
– Paper (4cm x 4 cm for ring closing
– Alcohol for strerization
– Rubber
– Spoon

-first spray alcohol around the room area, your hand and all the equipment.

-Next light the candle before it starts near you and bahs to keep the sterylation from contaminating. take one spawn spoon and spread it to the top surface of the bag.

– And then attach the ring bags with paper and tie them with a rubber.

Note : always take care the room and materials cleaning / sterization  during inoculation.  And also always doing near candle fire.

You also can wacthing my youtube “inoculation tutour”
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