Hellow my all friends.
Today i will share about my Bags Steamer / Mushroom Technologi. Steamer is as like as Box using for sterilization the mushroom bags in order be sterilize. steamer  is the best way sterilization the bags using 100’C steam

Most beginner farmers   used drums to make steamer. 
of course this is not effective because the bag capacity is only 120 pieces.

So I got to design a steamer make a hand charge. Requires a cost of around 150 $ (dollar) box capacity is 500 bags.

Following Material Required:

4 elbow iron bars that are 6 meters long (30x30x40cm size)

5 triplex sheets

6 sheets of zinc plate.

1  drum

1 pipe (4 inc size) 75 cm long

Note: choose triplex and thin zinc so that the cost is cheaper

Please check below so you can see how my steamer works

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