Hallow my all friends.when You grow or Cultivate The mushroom, making the bags Is one difficult step. Or rather this step makes us be bored because it takes a long time. Bags are a polybag to mushroom growing media Ussually we make bags using the hand. But now, veery musch mushroom technologi and also as like as bags Machine.
We fokus to bags machine:

1. Automatic bags machines that are already modern and sophisticated.

for example take fhoto from mesinjamur.com

This machine has been driven or operated by electricity. The advantage of this machine is that the work or operations will be easier and faster. From mix media, packaging, and compacting bags. All of that already uses electricity. If you wanna get it. Need much money to buy it. In my country indonesia a Automatic bags machine price is about $ 1500.

2. The Second, semi-automatic machines.

this machine does not fully use electricity. Yang mana mesin ini digunakan untuk memadatkan atau mempress the bags. So to mixe and packaging stile made hand. Price about $700.

3. The laat. Manual bags machine

is. Or bags tool becouse to To operate it doesn’t need electricity but it’s manually. I usw this tool. I made modifikate alone. With this tools i can packaging and press the bags media. Operation as like the comoress machine.
This tools make 2 bags for a minute.

Okey may be just it can i share you, plase use the machine what do you like, your working be easy and faster.

For wacthing the my manual machine bags: follow my account you tube:

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