Mushroom Cultivation Technology / preparation buildings
Hallow friends . Thank you has follow my blog. Before you begined to grown the musroom, you must ready to buid the building above.

A. Preparation & site material
There are several buildings for mushroom cultivation / own production which consist of:

1. Preparation room
Preparation room is a room that functions to do sifting, mixing, storage and sterilization activities. Try this room a little wider and floor (casted) a little wider so it is easier and more flexible in the process of mixing raw materials.


Inokulation & inkubation room

2. Inoculation Room (Nursery Room)
The Inoculation Room is a room that functions to plant seeds in the planting medium, this space must be easy to clean, not a lot of ventilation (closed) to avoid contamination (other microbes). There are several criteria / classifications in our simple version of inoculation:
>> This room (specifically) is very much liked cleanliness. Sterilization, and in closed conditions.
The room is simple: the size of the box is at least 2x3m which is lined with tarpaulin / plastic. Room or blank.

3. Incubation Room (Storage)
       This room has a function to store / grow fungal mycelium on the seeded planting media. The condition of the room is set at a temperature of 28-34 degrees C with a humidity of 40% – 60%, this room is equipped with a bamboo / wood shelf to place the planting medium in a plastic bag (bags) which has been seeded.
The following is the standard version of our room which may be your reference:

1. This room has a closed wall and the temperature in the room is not too humid, nor is it too hot. The simple wall of the room is from black plastic sheets / boards / or bricks.

2. The room must be clean, sterile and have a little pentylation.

3. This room is equipped with a bamboo / wood shelf to place the planting media in a plastic bag (bags) that has been planted.

4. If the room is not equipped with a shelf, you can set the log on the floor with a standing position. Example of incubation space, Storage without wooden shelves, Storage on the shelf


Mushroom house

4. Mushroom House / Harvest Room

The harvest room is used to grow the mushroom fruit body. The shape of the building / room is not much different from the building of the incubation room (storage space). BUT A LOT OF CIRCULATION AND TEMPERATURE. ANYTHING THE KUMBUNG SPACE SHOULD HAVE HIGH INACCESS. also equipped with planting racks and spraying / fogging tools. Blurring functions to flush and regulate the air temperature in optimal conditions 16-22 degrees C with humidity of 80-90%.

>> Building walls can consist of: Bambo plaits, woven coconut leaves or bricks, to avoid direct sunlight.
This harvest room is the key to our harvest and income.

B. Materials Required to Make a Dough / Bags

The ingredients needed in
mushroom cultivation is

1. Wood powder,
A good powder is powder that is soft and easy to compost, such as: rubber powder and other woody wood.

2. bran (bran),

3. lime (CaCO3),

4. cast (CaSO4),

5. cornmeal (seeds-seeds)

6. Clean Water

7. Seed F2

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