Hallow, there are many forms of food made from oyster mushrooms, one of which is oyster mushroom pizza … hmmm this is tasty and popular food. Oyster mushrooms are a substitute for meat. In Indonesia, pizza janur is very good for sale or business. Besides being easy to cook. Mushroom pizza is popular among young people. Next, I will share a few recipes for making oyster mushroom pizza.

Material A:
230 gram flour.
100 ml of water.
30 grams of butter.
1 spoonful of liquid.
¹ / ₂ cup spoon. Soda.

Material B
>>150 grm of steamed oyster mushrooms 5 minutes and drain.

>>¹ / ₂ thinly sliced ​​onions to taste

>>Cornet beef to taste mozzarela

>>Sheese enough flavorings and.
>>Sugar, powdered pepper enough.
>>Tomato sauce.

mix all ingredients A stir gently until evenly distributed and smooth then leave 30 minutes to expand, saute half-wilted onion then add mushrooms and season until taste is right and cool flatter material A and arrange on a baking sheet do not forget to be stabbed using a fork, spread tomato sauce and placemat other ingredients (ingredient B) (mushrooms, corned beef, mozzarela cheese) then bake until cooked.

Good luck.

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