Hellow, thank you has followed my blog and my youtube. I hope you are be more succes. Okey will wanna share you about mushroom inform and technology. There are many some step to growing the mushroom.
Last my post about ,Now i will trying to share about how make PDA (F0) easlly.

Producing PDA (Potato Dextrose Agar)  (F0).

As the name implies this PDA consists of potatoes, dextrose, so that the powder is dissolved in water or distilled water.

Actually this PDA can be purchased in the form of a finished product. But because the price is quite expensive. more alone at home. Here’s how to make a PDA:

1. Prepare materials:

*Potatoes: 250 gr.
*Dextrose: 25 gr.
*Agar powder or sugar: 25 gr.
*Water: 1 liter.
*Cotton (gauze).

Remember: check potatoes for spots or rot. Buy good dextrose and Agar of commercial grade.

1. Wash and cut potatoes into one-centimeter cubes like as dice  ; leave on or remove the skin.

2.Place potatoes in pan plus one liter of water. Simmer for 20 – 30 minutes. until the potatoes are soft.  Until keep the broth as clear. Add water to broth to reach one liter of liquid PDA.

3. strain the potatos liquid or  broth using a filter , put into a pan or glass then add water to 1 liter.

4. boil back the  potatos broth (15 minute). mix sugar, agar powder and stir evenly.
5. Prepare a small bottle and steamed bottle using autoclev or presto pan for 20-30 minutes so that the bottle is completely clean and sterile

6. Put the PDA liquid into the bottle as high as 3 cm from the surface of the bottle then  plug the bottle hole with cotton. cover with plastic and cool it.

7. the next step. a bottle that has been filled with a PDA and then steamed again using autoclev or presto pan about 30 minute.

8. After sterilize,Put / place the bottle with the sloping condition cool for grow a broad mycelium

9. After cooling condition .PDA ready grow fungy.

-To know a PDA is sterile or successful is to store the PDA for 2-3 days. So if the condition is still clean / type it means success.

-But if there are freckles or cloudy spots, the media is cloudy and can be used to grow mycelium (F0)

Good luck.

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