Process and Technique of Making Mushroom Planting Media (Bags)

1. Material Preparation Makes Bags

Materials that must be prepared include powder saws, bran, lime, casts, corn flour, and clean water

2. Sifting
Wood powder obtained from sawmills has an unfavorable level of uniformity, this results in a less even and less well-developed mycelia growth rate. Overcoming this, the sawdust needs to be sieved. Sieve size is the same as for sifting sand (chicken ram), sieving must use a mask because in the sawdust a lot of dust is mixed and

3. Mixing
The ingredients that have been weighed are in accordance with
The need to be mixed with sawdust is then doused with water around 50 – 60% or if we mix the powder but not out of the water. This indicates the water level is sufficient.

Multiple Formations Dough Size:

Formation (which is simpler) This is a Formation that we often apply with more optimal results:
• Wood Sawdust = 100%
• Bran = 25%
• Lime (CACO3) = 2%
• Water = 60%

4. Composting
After all the above ingredients are mixed and mixed, the compost is done right.
Composting is a process of weathering of materials which is carried out by spreading the sawdust mixture then
cover it with plastic / thick tarpaulin for 1-2 nights

5. Packaging (Bag Making)
After composting is done the next step is
Wrapping uses polypropylene (PP) plastic with the required sizes, including sizes 17×35, 18×35, 20×30. The way to wrap is by inserting the media into a plastic bag and then beating / pounding it until it is solid with a bottle or using a filler and then storing it. The following are examples of media filling. Fill with manual ternik Using the Baklog press machine

6. Sterilization
After the media is filled into a plastic bag or commonly referred to as Bags, the sterilization process is then carried out. Sterilization is done by using a sterilizer that aims to activate microbes, bacteria, molds, and yeast that can
interfere with the growth of planted fungi. sterilization is carried out at a temperature of 90-100 degrees C for 12 hours.
Simple sterilization tools can use zinc stenlis plates or even use scrap metal. Here is an example of a simple sterilizer using wood fuel. Simple sterilization process


7. Inoculation (Seedling)
After strerilising for + – 12 hours, remove and drain the loglog for 1 night (maximum 24 hours) in the Inoculation room (nursery room). Baglog was drained for 1 night after sterilization, then we took it and planted the seeds on it using a tablespoon / spoonful of F2 seedlings about + 3 tablespoons then slide the ring & covered with kapa then tied with rubber. Good Mushroom Seeds are:
 Excellent diversity
 Optimal seed age 45 – 60 days
 Seed color evenly distributed
 Not contaminated

Attention is good and correct inoculation requirements (nurseries)
1. The room condition must be sterile, by spraying the entire room and tools with alcohol (20 minutes before the nursery is done)

2. Do the nursery near the spritus oil lamp / bunzen lamp

3. During the nursery it is not permissible to do sloping activities or things that cause contamination.

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Nursery process Nursery results

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