Hallow my all friends.
Iam a mushroom farmer. I grow the oyster mushrom. Since 5 years ago until now. Now I can grow the Mother Spawn (F0), F1, planting spawn (f2) and produce bags and can earn enough money. To buy something

Initially, it was very difficult to learn. I often failed. But that didn’t make me discouraged so I always tried and tried and now I succeed. I know because of this failure that I have been through, I know where my mistakes are. Keep in mind I learned to become a mushroom farmer in a self-taught way and take training courses online and offline with experts.

Tgat I do to become an oyster mushroom farmer is always use a very simple method like the following:

1. Make a spawn
The equipment that I make is different from the others. Broken / ground corn is a medium for f1 mother spawn seeds, second generation f2. To steaming I use steamer (a pan) And fire is gas.

2. Raw materials for making bags.
The raw material that I use is the most simple raw material that is easy to get. Like wood powder, bran, and lime. This is the easiest and cheapest material.

3. Facilities / equipment:
I always do my own experiments on equipment making it simpler so that it costs a little.
For Example :I made my own steamer with a contact plate shaped zinc plate. Manual press machine. And mushroom house.

There are many more that I might share with you all. About mushroom technology.
I prioritize raw materials that are easily available. The process is not difficult, and of course looking for a very cheap operational cost solution.

Do you want to be a successful mushroom farmer? I’m ready to help.
Do you stile get problem to grow the mushroom?
Simply, just pay 125 $ (dollars)
My service is.

Providing online courses to teach you to grow mushrooms (oyster mushrooms)
I will guide you until you can and succeed.
If you are interested please contact me.
And you can also learn through this bolg.

Thank you

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