Hay ,, my name is Melki , iam 20 year old, and i lfe in Indonesia Country. thank you for visiting my web site. and right now I’m trying to start communication with you all even though we are different countries and different languages, maybe we need to interact or share each other. I hope you find the solution or information you need through my website. Okey I am one of thousands of Indonesian people who grow mushrooms to earn money, of course the currency of each country is different yes ,, hmm. a glimpse of mushroom business development in Indonesia. since the 1990s people have started growing mushrooms for sale. However, it was only known by the people during the 2000s that there was a kind of wild mushroom worthy of consumption that can be cultivated, and until now the mushroom business has been popular by businessmen to get menghasilan.

This following a review of the types of grow mushrooms in Indonesians to get money:

Oyster mushroom: Oyster mushroom is a type of fungus that is natural consumption of clay usually grow dipelapukan tropical areas. this fungus from the Basidiamycota group with white or grayish petals, its semicircular hood like the TIram shell, the center of the leaf or the slightly curved hollow petals, the popular name of this mushroom is the king of oyster mushrooms. with a tropical climate in Indonesia very cock for this fungus planted in accordance with its natural habitat in the wild. Harganyapun enough penyiurkan and how to plant or care for it is not too difficult ear mushroom

Ear mushroom (Auricularia auricula) Also one of the grown in Indonesia this fungus still belongs to the jelly group that enters the Basidiomycota class and has a unique jelly texture. Fungi that enter into this class are generally macroscopic or easily seen with the naked eye. The mycelium is isolated and can be divided into two types: the primary mycelium (the mycelium whose nucleated cells are commonly derived from the development of the basidiospores) and the secondary mycelium (mycelium with its two nuclear cells, this mycelium is the result of conjugation of two primary mycelium or the union of two basidiospores This mushroom is called ear mushroom because the body shape of the fruit is widened like the ear of the human ear (ear) and the taste is distinctive and chewy or slimy. ‘: Smber: wikipedia’

The color of this mushroom is soft brown or dark brown like the color of a human being. How to grow this mushroom tadak much different from oyster mushrooms but more need a longer time than the oyster mushrooms to grow. In addition to both types of mushrooms above, there are still some types of mushrooms again grown in Indonesia diantranya:

  1. Button Mushroom
  2. Straw mushroom
  3. Lingzy Mushroom

Mostly people are more inclined to grow tyrannical mushrooms than other mushrooms for reasons is:

  • to cultivate and treat it easier.
  • Raw materials are easily accessible, especially in Indonesia which is famous with tropical countries thehe are have thousands of islands that make the availability of wood very much.
  • Climate or natural conditions of Indonesia is in accordance with the mushroom habitat to grow properly and maximally
  • The market demand and the price of mushrooms for economies of scale is very high, so growing mushrooms will get a big profit.
  • why do I like to do business with a mushroom farmer? The answer is because it does not require a lot of capital.
  • The last, mushrooms is a promising and more effective business alternative in addition to small operational costs also does not require extensive land.

So what about you? are you a mushroom farmer? From which country are you from? and how to mold the mushroom business there ?. i have some friends who also plant mushrooms from india, thailand, japan, turki and china. Well, that’s how I can give it to you in the early gear, thank you for your attention. if there is anything you ask please the following commentary. or what information you want from the next. especially about mushrooms. good luck byeeee n see you.

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