Mixe the  wood sawdust with other ingredients such as bran, kaput, and so on. With my blog befre MANUAL BAGS The next step is to put it in a plastic bag. How to enter a substrate into a bag that is manually or using a press tool either done manually or using electricity.

Next, making a bags compression tool for white oyster mushroom aims to produce enough compressive force obtained optimal baglog density for the process of growing white oyster mushrooms,

 Here are some stages of the production process, namely:

1. Making tool frames,
2. Making filler funnels,
3. Making compression tube baglog,
4. “base plate,
5. compression shaft,
6. pressure lever,
7. and assembly process

Bags compression machine tool  specifications are as follows:

Dimensions: Length 500 mm,
width: 400 mm,
height : 1000,
Bags tube capacity: 120 mm, diameter
Height: 250 mm.

With the knowledge of simple pulleys and the experience of electric welding techniques, then you can also try making manual press machines. Why is it manual? because the factory production scale is not too much (only 500 bags / day) so using manual press is very helpful rather than working 1 piece 1 baglog. Besides that, it is also because of cheap production capital. In addition you can also adjust the size of the pipe you want The press machine in this example is a press machine with a plastic size of 17 x 35 cm. The price is quite affordable. with semi automatic and automatic machines. So how it works.
You just compress bags.

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