As a mushroom businessman, oyster mushroom cultivation must have experienced fluctuations in the course of business. Sometimes you get a lot of profits, sometimes you experience losses. Losses are experienced from various factors, starting from SOP or unmet operational standards to failing the failure of the natural factors themselves. before in my post about: how-to-cultivate-mushroom-the-easier-way-and-the-raw-materials Now in this post I will try to identify the failure / loss to cultivate the mushroom becouse
Insect attacks and
And how to eradicate it.

After the incubation period or also called the mycelium growth period it takes approximately 30-40 days from inokulation. The mushroom will be grow (harvest). This harvest is between 3-4 months. To increase yields not only requires maintenance, addition of additional nutrients but also prevents caterpillar pest or insect attacks. Keep in mind the caterpillar pests or other animals will easily attack until chewing mycelium, spores and even fungus shoots. In essence, the type of young vegetables is not uncommon, there are harvesting vegetable caterpillars which do not endanger the feasibility of consumption. A lot of caterpillar or insect attacks that damage plants.

Following Types of Pest Attack in Mushroom Bags:

1. Insect :Flies and mosquitoes and cockroach
are many insects in the roof that are not properly maintained. The Insects will put their eggs in bags media. After hatching, the larvae that grow will eat the mycelium and the body o of the oyster mushroom so that the oyster mushroom stems are hollow and the body growth of the oyster mushroom fungus / spora becomes disturbed (wrinkles). After entering the adult phase active (flying) Insects will move to the mushroom bags media that is still healthy and breed. So on so that in certain periods can cause considerable damage. In addition, insects also commonly act as vectors / carriers of diseases / viruses that can interfere with the growth of oyster mushrooms. Some types of insects that can transmit pests in mushroom rooms.

2. Worm: These worm pests or attacts usually eat the mycelium so that it can cause the fungus not to grow at all / fail to grow. Worm pests are very small (± 1 mm) and can multiply rapidly. Prevention of worm pests can be done to carry out the sterilization process perfectly so that the worm eggs die.

3. The snails unclean mushroom room and the dirty and muddy rooms floor often invite the arrival of snails. The snail will eat the body of the fruit of the newly grown oyster mushroom so that the growth of the oyster mushroom becomes not optimal / damaged.

Natural prevention of Insect attacks –

1 These insects can be done by installing small wire netting on the ventilation section and installing clear plastic on the outside of the door to refract the light so that insects tend to dodge and move away from the rooms.


2. If this step / effort is still lacking, then insect control efforts can be done by installing insect traps inside the rooms in the form of glue that is applied evenly on a yellow sheet of paper / plastic or use fly glue paper.

3. Take care the room cleaning. One natural way to prevent or overcome snail attacks is to spray the rooms floor and rack with lemongrass extract.

4. a natural way to kill or eradicate insects in bags / fungi is to use galangal and garlic extart. To make it is:
-200 grams of garlic
-200 grams of galangal
grated or taken extrat then mixed with 5 liters of water. Spray this extrat to bgs or musroom. Do it 1 time for a day until the insect go on or die. This step is save for musroom growth. Ussually i use this method. I know a lot of insect poisons are used but I’m afraid of risk.

Okey my all friends. Thank for followed god bless u all.

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